Day Trip to Slovenian Mountains with an Allergic Baby

This weekend we decided to take a day trip with our baby girl. We weren’t out and about for some time now, because we were also just learning how to cope with food allergies. Eating properly all the time and not being able to eat in restaurants becomes quite a project when you know you need to supply your child with enough proper food for all day, and not having a kitchen at hand all the time.

When you don’t have kids or have a child who does not suffer from allergies, it seems like supplying a child with food is something very simple. If it cries, give it a banana or a yogurt. If you need to provide another meal, ready made and bought fruit pots come to the rescue. It really can be that simple.

BUT! If your child, like ours, can’t have dairy, eggs and nuts (to mention just the worst food allergies), taking a one day trip becomes a somewhat more difficult project. Not only you have to prepare everything in advance, you also want it to be nutritious, tasty, and in sufficient quantities.

Why I mentioned quantities, you ask? Babies don’t eat that much food, you say? Try feeding one without sugars, very limited cereals, and don’t overuse meat. You will soon notice, that a 9kg (20lbs) child needs a lot of vegetables to stay full until the next scheduled meal. I don’t know exactly how much food other children eat, but judging by commercial fruit pots’ size… a lot less than our baby girl consumes. She eats 2-3dl of food 5 times a day, plus 2 special baby milks. No added sugars, no salt yet, sometimes just a teaspoon of highest quality olive oil added. She is very healthy and has perfect weight and is very healthy.

So how to pull it off? You have to wake up earlier than normally, that is for sure. You need baby food containers. Not ordinary small ones, but those that look ridiculously big for small children’s needs. Plus, you need to take care of yourself, if you are still breastfeeding.


A S you can see, our food container is taking a lot of abuse. It is in use all the time. Literally.
As you can see, our food container is taking a lot of abuse. It is in use all the time. Literally.

Our trip actually did not take all day, but just 7 hours, and we needed 3 big meals for the little one. I think it is not necessary  that all meals are different everyday. Sometimes it is just a lot simpler to make some baby food in bulk and make two meals out of it. For the third one (the second one, really, because we change the order to keep stuff interesting), our little one is perfectly happy with blended fruit, thickened with bio rice flakes. Bio rice flakes are so far the only cereal we found, that her little tummy tolerates.

The day of our big little trip went like this:

  • snack before the road
  • 1,5h drive
  • lunch before the hike
  • 2h hike
  • snack (banana)
  • 1,5h hike
  • a fast drive home
  •  big lunch

Sure, she ate before and after the described timeline perfectly regularly. It is A LOT of food.

Two of her favourite meals include a vegetable/meat mash and homemade fruit pot with rice flakes.

Preparation is very simple: basically you just boil al the ingredients together, drain most of the water, but leave some inside or you’ll end up with the densest mess you can imagine. Hard to get out the blender and down the throat.

Ingredients for the vegetable&meat mash she had this saturday:

  • 1/2 small zucchini
  • 1/2 sweet potato
  • 1 small kohlrabi
  • small veal steak
  • 1 medium size carrot

Procedure doesn’t even need a whole paragraph: boil and blend.

There is another kiddie dish that doesn’t need a special recipe, and can easily be described in a simple sentence: Boil, blend and add rice flakes.

To come back to the day trip with baby: It was great. We visited Velika planina here in Slovenia. I think it is one of the most beautiful easy mountain trips you can take. The little one couldn’t hide her excitement about cows, sun, fresh air and the fact that we had spent the whole day together.

velikaplanina3 velikaplanina1 Velika planina Sloveniavelikaplanina4


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